Democrat Campaign Chair to Candidates: Avoid the Convention

By Dan Riehl | June 27, 2012 | Breitbart News

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Steve Israel’s message is clear to an increasing number of Democrat candidates who want to win in November: stay away from the Democrat’s national convention.

Joe Manchin, Governor Earl Ray Tomblin and Rep. Nick Rahall of W.Va. are staying away, as well as Pennsylvania’s Mark Critz, New York’s Kathy Hochul and Bill Owens. It’s as if Barack Obama is throwing a party and key Democrats are saying, no thanks, I’ll pass.

“A trip to Charlotte may be interesting,” Israel said, “but why leave your districts?”

Reuters pronounces it a “gathering to fete Obama,” then goes on to call it “a particularly sensitive issue for Democratic candidates….” That may be the first time anyone has ever said a Democrat in a tight race was being “sensitive.”

Read the full article here.

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