NPR Hosannas: Obama’s Voice ‘Clears Up the Weather’

By Warner Todd Huston | June 27, 2012 | Breitbart News

At around 130 days until Election Day, National Public Radio thought it would be nice to give the President a little boost by going back to its 2008 practice of assigning to Obama the god-like powers of The One, The Light Bringer, The Obammessiah.

This time tax dollar supported NPR thought it would be nice to air the claim that the mere sound of Obama’s voice can part the clouds, stop that depressing ol’ rain, and bring out the sun. No, really.

On Tuesday, June 26, NPR correspondent Scott Horsley reported from a New Hampshire Obama rally and his report reads alternately like a campaign advertisement for President Obama, a Super PAC attack ad on Mitt Romney, and a cult-like deification of The One.

Horsley starts by noting that Obama’s fans stood in a pouring rain patiently awaiting to bask in his miraculous presence and after saying a few words about Obama and his campaign, launched into a series of distorted slams on Mitt Romney.

“Romney has proposed more tax cuts, especially for the wealthy, and more spending on the military,” Horsley gravely intones. “Mr. Obama says the only way he can do that without exploding the deficit is to cut government programs and tax deductions that benefit the middle class.”

After that slam on Romney, Horsley went on to praise Obama for, “his efforts to make birth control more widely available; to allow gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military; and to give temporary legal status to illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children.”

Note that first; Horsley’s claim that Obama is making birth control “more widely available.” This, we know, is a falsehood. Birth control is as widely available as it has ever been or needs to be. What Obama is trying to do is force religious organizations to violate their religious convictions and to give it to members free! But the fact is no one in America is being denied birth control, Obama’s promises or no.

Then came the absurd claims of one of the mind-numbed Obamaites that Horsley interviewed.

NPR’s Horsley: By the time the President finished speaking, the rain had stopped, and a little sunshine was peeking through the clouds. That gave David O’Donnell of Portsmouth one more reason to be impressed with Mr. Obama.

Rally Participant O’Donnell: See what his voice does? It clears up the weather, too. It clears up the economy, creates jobs, helps education, and straightens out the weather.

What amazing nonsense. NPR calls the addition of this slobberingly absurd comment “news”?

Think about this. If you were writing a real news report about a campaign rally, would a comment like this make it into such a serious report?

It wouldn’t if I were that correspondent.

Oh, but rest assured, there was “balance” in NPR’s report. After the numerous quotes and paragraph after paragraph of how great Obama is, how rotten Romney is, and how Obama can alter the very weather with just the mellifluous sound of his voice, NPR gave us “balance” by deigning to allow a Romney campaign spokesman to have a four sentence quote.

See? Balance.

No wonder NPR is so often called National Propaganda Radio.

Full Transcript (Courtesy of Newsbusters)

Read the full article here.


  1. Then why can’t Obama stop the wildfires and rain in the west?

  2. Reblogged this on danmillerinpanama and commented:
    Well of course he cleared up the rainy weather! Despite his characteristically modest assertion that he is not perfect, he calmed the seas and even caused gasoline prices to be lower by reducing the economy to the point that people have to use less of it. He always tells the truth. Just ask him and he will admit to it, willingly. I know this because he also said so himself: “I’d always tell you what I thought, I’d always tell you what I believe and most importantly I told you I’d wake up every single day and fight as hard as I knew how for you.” Part three of that quote is the least important; the important bits are that he always tells us what he believes and what he thinks.
    I do wish President Obama would spend some time here in the highlands of Panama during our rainy season. We could use his divine heroic interventions to make the afternoon rains and thunderstorms vanish. That would be even better than a free dinner with President Obama and his charming First Lady.

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