Free Care? Ha! Regime Threatens to Veto Defense Bill Because It Doesn’t Hike Health Care Fees for Military

By Rush Limbaugh | June 29, 2012 |


RUSH: I want to just start out here. I know it’s the — (interruption) what? Snerdley is asking me if there’s any glimmer of hope. Well, of course. I’m confining myself to the ruling. Yeah, there’s hope. It’s game on. It’s like I said yesterday, it is time to wrap this around Obama’s head as tightly as we can. We’ve got to tell everybody all over again what this is because the AP is out there — let me find it. Yeah, Associated Press. They have an article: “10 Things to Know for Friday,” today. “What the health care law means for you.” Ready for this? “Free vaccines for kids, cheaper drugs for the elderly and many other benefits of Obama’s upheld law are already out there. More are coming, like a guaranteed right to buy health insurance even for patients with serious medical troubles.”

So the media is spinning this today as everything is free now. Obamacare is all free. The dastardly Republicans have been stopped. The court found for you, it’s free health care. Michelle Obama has got a story out there. Yes, contraception is now free. It’s one of the first things she talks about. Contraception is now free. I had people telling me in e-mails last night that people in their office were asking after the court rulings, “Okay, does that mean health care is free now?” just like when it was passed. “Does this mean it’s free?” We’ve got to start all over and we’ve got to wrap this bill and what it really is around Obama’s head. It is death panels. It is massive tax increases, but those aren’t going to happen until 2014, by design.

The tax increases that the Supreme Court just said are the reason the bill is constitutional, they don’t hit until 2014, long after Obama has gone through his reelection process. Tax increases are not gonna happen between now and the election. So there isn’t going to be any evidence. In fact, the way the thing’s built, as we told you, the benefits kick in. The mechanism to pay for it doesn’t kick in until later. But there are going to be endless regulations. The insurance companies are out there talking about, okay, our fees are gonna go up, our rates, our premiums are gonna go up. That will happen. But there’s going to be denial of care, rationing, price controls. There are going to be deficits. But yeah, the glimmer of hope is the November election and the Republicans winning the Senate, winning the White House, and holding the House. And then after that, hoping that everybody telling us now that they’re gonna repeal it will do so.

What glimmer of hope do you see, Snerdley? You’re looking for a glimmer of hope from me, what glimmer of hope do you see? It’s worse than become a socialist country. It’s a banana republic. This is worse than a socialist country. We all thought that we had a back stop here. The back stop doesn’t exist. Now, I suppose that Romney could just ignore Obamacare, if he wins the election, just ignore it, don’t implement it. “Mr. Limbaugh, what are you talking about? How in the world do you –” Well, that’s what Obama does, ignoring whatever laws. Just granted amnesty for a million people. The elected representatives of the people did not do it. The elected representatives of the people defeated the DREAM Act. President Obama just said (raspberry) to that and granted them amnesty.

So I guess, taking a page out of the Obama playbook, Romney could say, “You know what, I’m not going to implement health care. I’m just cancelling it. I’m not even going to go through the process of repealing it. We’re just not gonna do it.”  Well, Obama’s getting away with it.  I’m being facetious to illustrate a point. We thought we had a back stop with McCain-Feingold. Nobody wanted to stick their neck out on that. Bush said, “I’ll let the court decide it.” Guess what? Found it’s perfectly fine. Don’t forget the Stolen Valor Act yesterday.  You’re now free to lie about winning medals and awards in the military when you’re not even a member.

You can tell an IRS agent that you won an award. You can tell them you’re a Purple Heart winner. As long as you’re not trying to profit from it, you can tell anybody anything. Court said that yesterday. You can tell anybody that you won four Purple Hearts. If you sell a book based on your faulty premise, they can go after you then. But if you just run around bragging about it, and if you go to some store and have them make you some fake Purple Hearts, nobody can stop you, you’re perfectly fine. (interruption) Can you lie about having sex with interns to grand juries? As long as there’s a tax increase with it, I assume so.  I assume if there’s a tax increase associated with it. (interruption) Yeah, you can’t argue before the Supreme Court, you got to tell the truth there. Well, no, no, you really don’t. You can say one thing one day and another thing the next day, and be perfectly cool. That’s what happened when they were discussing the tax.


RUSH: This is from the Washington Free Beacon. The headline of the story is: “Obama to Soldiers: Pay Up — The Obama administration on Friday threatened to veto a defense appropriations bill in part because it does not include higher health care fees for members of the military.”

Now, you heard that right. “The Obama administration on Friday threatened to veto a defense appropriations bill in part because it does not include higher health care fees for members of the military.  ‘The Administration is disappointed that the Congress did not incorporate the requested TRICARE fee initiatives into either the appropriation or authorization legislation,’ the White House wrote in an official policy statement expressing opposition to the bill, which the House approved in May.  President Obama’s most recent budget proposal includes billions of dollars in higher fees for members of TRICARE, the military health care system, and is part of the administration’s plan to cut nearly $500 billion from the Pentagon’s budget.”

So to cut money, they want health care expenses paid for by members of the military increased. They want the military to have to pay more. Now, why would that be? There’s only one reason, folks. The regime’s proposal is an effort to force people over to the state-run insurance exchanges. It’s a disguised mechanism to get military members to sign up for Obamacare. He mandates in the defense appropriations bill increased health care fees for members of the military. But there’s an alternative. Leave the TRICARE system. Go to a state-run exchange, join Obamacare, where it’s going to be cheaper for now.

This is all about this administration trying to eliminate all of the choices that we all have for health insurance now. Be it employer-based, be it self-purchase, be it wherever we find it, they want those choices limited. They want us all in these state exchanges, eventually melding us all into a single, single payer system. And they figure, mandating higher costs will force you to go where it’s cheaper. And the government, of course, isn’t a competitor. The government doesn’t have to make a profit. So the government can undersell everybody, which is what they do for the first two to three years. And there are fines if you don’t buy insurance, which are also much less than the cost of the policy for the first two or three years. It’s all a scheme.

It’s all part of a grand plan to get everybody into government-run health care. And all the while, Obama is going to be running around from now until November, “You like your doctor?  You keep him. You like your current plan? You keep it.” No, you won’t, and don’t doubt me. I have no reason to Supreme Court you. I have no reason to lie to you. I have no reason to mislead you. I have no reason to want to destroy your faith in me. Quite the contrary. Just the opposite.


RUSH: Pat, Madison, New Jersey. Glad you waited. You’re first today on open line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, second greatest honor I’ve had in my life. How are you today? Rush, I think that this president just continues to get handed the gift of all gifts, and he’s gonna make the chief justice look like a fool and feel like a fool, because now he can take this and make it a campaign issue by saying, “Look, while I agree with the Supreme Court’s ultimate finding, and I think they did the right thing, I never said it was a tax. The fact that the chief justice said it was a tax doesn’t make it so, that’s just his decision, but we never thought it was a tax. So, therefore, I stand by my pledge that we didn’t raise the tax on the American people and we were well within our rights under the Commerce Clause.”

RUSH: Well, he will have a campaign problem if it’s done right by the Republicans on the other side. He could be maneuvered into having to defend this thing as a tax increase. It’s got to be pointed out. It has to be shouted, the only way this thing lives is if the Supreme Court says it’s a tax increase, the government has the ability to tax you. Obama has unlimited tax increase powers. That has to be how the Republicans position this. And Obama has to be forced to go, “No, no, no. I love what the court did, but they got it wrong. This isn’t really a tax.” He’s not gonna say that, by the way. He’ll get close.

CALLER: I don’t know. If it were me, it’s a great way to duck the issue.

RUSH: He’s going to talk about how everything’s free. He’s going to talk about how costs are going down because of the ruling. He’s not even going to address it.

CALLER: Don’t you think he’s going to have to address it when he’s attacked?

RUSH: Who’s going to make him address it? Let’s say Romney accuses him of being the author of the greatest tax increase in history. The media says, “Are you an idiot, Romney? What do you mean?”  The media will make Romney look like an idiot for leveling the charge.

CALLER: He’s got to do something. He can’t stand by. He’s got to stand up and be heard, sir.

RUSH: Who, Romney?


RUSH: Yeah, of course, absolutely.

CALLER: That’s why I think it’s a gift that he can just point right back to the chief justice. He doesn’t care if he makes the chief justice look bad because he doesn’t care whenever he makes anybody look bad.

RUSH: Well, I know what you mean when you say he doesn’t care if the chief justice looks bad or if anybody else looks bad because he’s a narcissist, and of course, all he cares about is himself. I understand.  But he’s not worried about offending him. He already did that. And they came around.

CALLER: That’s true, that’s true.

RUSH: Intimidating a chief justice, if you’re Obama, you got to say that intimidating these guys works.

CALLER: Yeah. And he can just put it right back on him.

RUSH: Well, look, everybody wants to find the gift in this thing. And I understand that. I’m looking at it, folks, as this self-contained legal matter. That’s how I’m looking at it. The political consequences of this will happen on their own. And they do redound to our benefit.


Read the original transcript here.


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