The Great Destroyer

By  | June 26, 2012 | American Spectator

David Limbaugh writes the definitive 2012 handbook on Obama.

It’s about the Republic, stupid.

While the kaleidoscope of daily headlines of the last three and a half years may confuse — from Obamacare to immigration to the economy to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan , free trade, the deficit and much more — it is understandable that many Americans may have an uneasy feeling that they have taken their eye off the ball.

In The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic, David Limbaugh brings the American eye back to America’s ball.

The American ball? The Constitution, the free market, and the principles of limited government that undergird the American republic.

Says the flap of his book, already a New York Times and Amazon bestseller:

….the Obama administration has waged a relentless, nearly four-year-long war to transform our nation into a country where federal bureaucrats have more power over our lives than we do…

Sadly, true. But the demand for specifics always arises, and David Limbaugh shines in providing chapter and verse.

By sheer chance, nothing could better illuminate David’s point than yesterday’s announcement by the Department of Homeland Security that the Obama Administration — disliking the Supreme Court’s ruling on Arizona’s immigration law — will simply refuse to enforce the program that has local law enforcement (like Arizona’s) reporting illegal immigrants to the federal government.

It’s almost as if President Obama were David Limbaugh’s PR agent.

The Great Destroyer is the “must read,” very detailed no-kidding-around handbook for the 2012 election year — and well beyond. A catalogue, or, if you will, an encyclopedia of the Obama presidency.

Whatever the 2012 election year brings, Limbaugh’s book will become a central reference point not simply for this year’s voters but for historians down through the years. This book is an item by item analysis of what then-Senator Obama actually meant when he campaigned on a platform of “transforming America” — with a detailed look at just how now-President Obama has spent the last three-and-a-half years attempting to do just that. Limbaugh takes the foundational anti-Constitutional left-wing philosophy of the Obama White House — not to mention the policy-by-policy attempt to implement that philosophy — and lays it bare in this book. Naked to the Constitutional elements.

The result isn’t pretty. And this book was written and published before anyone could possibly know about the Obama decision just yesterday to suspend the immigration program that has locals and feds working together. In effect, the floodgates for illegals to pour across the Arizona border have not only been opened, they have been blown up.

Presciently breaking the Obama presidential term down into twelve different “wars” (a term that will surely grate on the nerves of liberals who began the campaign season by proclaiming there was a GOP “war on women”), Limbaugh offers an X-ray vision look at the “destructive policies and actions” of the presidency he has already called “the most destructive in American history.”

In fact, that latter phrase was used by Limbaugh in his last book, Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama, a book that should be seen as a book end to The Great Destroyer.


In Crimes Against Liberty Limbaugh begins immediately with a necessary understanding. As Limbaugh phrases it:

Everything about Barack Obama’s radical background signals his visceral contempt for America — its culture, its values, and its political and economic values. His unmistakable goal is to bring America down to size — an America that has been, in his view, too big for its britches, selfish, exploitative, unfairly wealthy, arrogant, and dismissive.

Once this is understood — and had the media done its vetting job in 2008, focusing on both the President’s autobiographical Dreams from My Father not to mention his relationships with friends and mentors like the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the leftist bomber Bill Ayers, and the Communist enthusiast Frank Marshall Davis — the policies and actions of the Obama presidency come instantly clear. The design of The Great Destroyer — the man not the book — comes clear.

Let’s work through some of Limbaugh’s dead-on analysis.

• The War on America: Once understanding that in dealing with Obama Americans are dealing with a president who does in fact possess a radical left view of America, Limbaugh’s opening premise is instantly understandable:

America’s greatness, for Obama, is not found in our freedom tradition and our protection of private property, rugged individualism, equal opportunity, merit-based achievement, and entrepreneurship. Instead it depends on a hyperactive, benevolent government to stimulate the economy, initiate and control business activity, and distribute benefits and wealth to strive toward equality of outcome rather than of opportunity.

Understanding this, and everything that has flowed out of the Obama presidency from day one (the attempt — now failed — to shut down Guantanamo Bay) to day now (the use of an executive order to suspend the deportation of a select group of illegal immigrants and yesterday’s reaction to the Arizona decision) underlines Limbaugh’s point precisely.

Millions of Americans view the nation’s Founders as a collection of great minds whose considerable experience living under the kingly despotism of George III led them to carefully construct a Constitution of checks and balances. A Constitution that would preserve not only the God-given rights of all because they are “created equal” (per theDeclaration of Independence) but provide the opportunity, again from the Declaration for “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

For Obama? On July 4, 2010, hosting a White House cookout for military personnel, the President’s left-wing notions surfaced. Said he (the bold print emphasis mine):

We celebrate the principles that are timeless, tenets first declared by men of property and wealth

In other words, as Limbaugh elaborates, in the Obama world view America is a country founded by “rich and privileged elitists” — or, my words, a bunch of rich white guys. That’s it, that’s all. In short, that is the key to the Obama view of the Founders. A view that, but of course, inevitably serves as the foundation for Obama’s larger view of America itself, not to mention its people.

If this one presidential speech were Limbaugh’s only example, he would have no case. You know how it would be spun: just an errant speech writer and a teleprompter dependent president. Alas, Limbaugh cites example after example of the President’s rhetoric that displays in vivid fashion the far Left’s — Obama’s — perfect contempt for both the founding of America and the country it has become. Americans, says its president, are “lazy” “unambitious,” “soft,” and so on.

Bad enough is the rhetoric in presidential speeches. But the “War on America” is being carried out by the Obama Administration in multiples of ways, many of which involve the manipulation of government policy.

One particularly sly way of doing this is a State Department report to the United Nations Human Rights Council. The UN’s HRC has served, infamously, as a stronghold of such human rights gems as Cuba, China, and Saudi Arabia. But this hasn’t stopped the Obama State Department from sending a report to the HRC boasting — boasting — that “several members of Congress and other policy makers and advocates” are working to “establish a national mandate for universal voter registration.”

What does this bureaucratic gobbledygook really mean? That the Obama Administration is on-board with far left ideas that would ensure anybody- convicted felons, illegal immigrants, whatever — have the right to vote in the U.S. because, don’t you know, it’s their human right to do so. Which is to say, this is, as Limbaugh correctly notes, a “recipe for voter fraud,” to say the least.

Creating fraudulent voters isn’t all The Great Destroyer is about. Without the slightest sense of irony, the State Department is trying to say — seriously — that constitutional decisions in America about the right to gay marriage are in fact not constitutional at all but, as Limbaugh notes, “tantamount to a human rights violation.” So if your state votes to refuse the legalization of gay marriage — which has in fact happened repeatedly in states across the country — America is what? Iran? Where being gay can get you executed?

Limbaugh lasers in as well here on the U.S. decision to give some $600 million to Palestinians every year, with $225 million “funneled directly to the Palestinian Authority in violation of U.S. law.” Some of these funds were then used by the PA “to pay salaries to some 5,500 Palestinian terrorist prisoners in Israeli jails, some of whom murdered Americans.”

But if the War on America were not itself enough, there’s…

• The War on Business: This section of the book is particularly illustrative of the by-now well-established Obama Method of Operation: say one centrist sounding thing, then do its far-Left opposite.

Here we find Obama proclaiming himself a “fierce advocate of the free market.”


Uh-oh is right. The “fierce advocate of free markets” has shown a scale-tilting glee in his favoritism towards unions (making them Client Number One during the GM/Chrysler takeovers). Well aside from the get-in-the-White House-gates-anytime pass enjoyed by union leaders, there’s all the fireworks resulting from one explosion of anti-free market capitalism after another. One particularly odious affair was the Boeing business — “business” here defined as in trying to give one of America’s best known job creators the business, not as in respecting that business. Specifically the idea was to use the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to stop the company from building a plant in Charleston, South Carolina, because the resulting jobs would be — horrors! — non-union. So much for the word “free” in the phrase “free market.”

Then there was what Limbaugh calls “The Card Check Ambush.” This jewel revolved around the failure of Congressional Democrats to pass the humorously named “Employee Free Choice Act” which, as Limbaugh points out, is “an Orwellian euphemism for a law (also called card check) that would intimidate workers into joining unions by eliminating secret ballot voting for unionization.” The Obama solution? What else? Use the NLRB to do the same thing by allowing “ambush” elections — elections that would “stack the deck in votes on union membership by giving employers only ten days to make their case to employees against forming a union.”

And so on. And on.

Limbaugh zeroes in on the obvious, citing Newsweek‘s Fareed Zakaria as reporting that he, Zakaria, had “interviewed numerous business leaders, most of whom had voted for Obama, and that every one of them believe he is ‘at his core, anti-business.'” Then there’s real estate and publishing mogul (New York Daily News and US News & World Report) Mort Zuckerman (who, if memory serves, is a Democrat) saying that he detects in the Obama White House a “hostility to the very kinds of (business) culture that have made this the great country that it is and was. I think we have to find some way of dealing with that or else we will do great damage to this country with a public policy that could ruin everything.”

A public policy that could ruin everything.

Think of that. After 225 years of being a constitutional Republic, we are living through a public policy deliberately conducted by a President of the United States “that could ruin everything.”

Certainly ruination seems to be the objective when considering not oil (which has its own detailed chapter) but…

Read the full article here.


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