The 1934 connection – coincidence? Obama and Hitler [Video]

By  | June 29, 2012 | PP Simmons

Yesterday, Thursday June 28 2012,  the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of the greatest tax hike and power grab in US history and some have argued – the history of the world. Obamacare, the healthcare law enacted by the Obama administration which forces all American citizens to purchase health insurance on penalty of fines or even prison, was deemed by the Supreme court to be justifiable based on the US tax code. In other words, it’s a tax – and a big one!The president has essentially enacted an enormous power grab with the backing of the supreme court which forces people to buy a product – forces them to buy it!

It’s been argued that, well, everyone is forced to buy car insurance, right? Wrong. People are only “forced” to buy car insurance when they drive on public roadways. If you drive on your own property or any other private property (NASCAR) you are not required by the government to buy car insurance. You are also not required to buy car insurance if you don’t drive. No one is required by law to purchase car insurance.

On the other hand, Barack Obama has now required every American to purchase a product – health insurance. You do not have a choice. Where does it end? The flood gates are wide open. It doesn’t end. The supreme court has now set the precedent for future forced purchases by government. This is an enormous unprecedented power grab.

What does this have to do with 1934? Today is Friday, the day after the supreme court ruled in favor of Obamacare. Today, in Washington DC, it is the hottest day on record, beating out the last record on this day in 1934. The National Weather Service says that just before 3 p.m., it was 104 degrees at Reagan National Airport just outside the city. That beats the record of 101 set in 1934.

But more important than the weather, 1934 was the very year Adolf Hitler combined positions of Chancellor and President, and became “Führer” of Germany (here).
Is this simply a mere coincidence? Perhaps. You decide.

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