Obama and the Fantasy of Omniscient Government

By Steve McCann | July 18, 2012 | American Thinker

Marxism and its precursor, socialism, are the philosophies of choice for those who are obsessed with self-aggrandizement and the need to attain control over their fellow man.  In order to achieve this end, a nebulous antagonist must be created, followed by an equally ill-defined savior, also fabricated out of whole cloth.  Thus Marxism/socialism is a doctrine built on a foundation of lies and deception.  Barack Obama, thoroughly steeped in these tenets, is therefore running a campaign for re-election which must be based on demagoguery, falsehoods, and innuendo.

Having attended college in the early to mid-1960s and since then living in the Washington, D.C. region, I have been often exposed to many who espoused not only the virtue of Marxist/socialist theory, but a loathing for the United States and its supposed colonialist, homophobic, avaricious, and racist past.  However, I was told that the real enemy of the people were those twin antagonists: capitalism and those evil entities called corporations.

Capitalism, as it is essentially an overarching economic structure and not something tangible, can thus be easily demagogued and deceitfully characterized by greed and unfair allocations of wealth and resources.  Corporations, likewise, can be, and are, characterized as impersonal leviathans out to trample the average hardworking citizens, all for the sake of producing an immoral profit.  The American citizens could, therefore, never expect an equitable society as long as these corrupt entities were allowed to exist.

But what is capitalism?  By its nature, capitalism does celebrate the success of the individual, not the collective.  Individuals, separately or together, driven by the motive of self-enrichment, produce goods and services desired by others.  In the process, jobs and wealth are created, thus benefiting society as a whole.  Corporations are a mere legal creation made up of people who are stockholders, officers, and employees — all of whom pay taxes to maintain a government that cannot create wealth.

What, then, I asked these avid proponents of Marxism/socialism, is the solution for these sins of America’s past and the path to the creation of a more just and stable society?  The answer inevitably was ever-larger and more intrusive government as the savior that would guarantee fairness.

Having emigrated to the United States from a continent that had nearly destroyed itself, and with firsthand knowledge of surviving a war that was fomented by all-powerful governments, I was acutely aware of the danger posed by this philosophical bent.  After all, it wasn’t a nebulous entity called government that drove Europe off the cliff; it was those who had used government to further their megalomaniacal ambitions.

Whenever I questioned the true believers on the left and pointed out the utter fallacy of their belief system and what the true end-game was — based not on theory, but on real-life experience — I was greeted with a chorus of vitriol and name-calling combined with no plausible argument for their implausible positions.

While unintended, the Wizard of Oz books by L. Frank Baum are an allegory for how the left portrays government.  Government has been depicted, as was the Wizard, as being able to grant virtually any wish and make life so much better for all.  But when the curtain was drawn back, the Wizard of Oz was no more than a charlatan manipulating the emotions and desires of others.  So too with government: when the curtain is drawn back, there are only human beings, with all their foibles and failings, at the controls.  Some, such as Barack Obama and many of his fellow travelers, are there in fulfillment of a narcissistic mindset and a concurrent lust for power.

Yet the concept of an impersonal entity capable of making life equitable is an easy sell, as the human race is always, by its nature, looking for the least arduous path of survival and prosperity.  Nonetheless, throughout history there has never been a centralized government that has succeeded in creating or maintaining anything approaching a fair and equitable society.  There never will be an idyllic society for the very same reasons why so many are willing to believe that government can do the impossible.

History has repeatedly documented the abject failure of statist governments, and in every case, it was because the leaders of those nations were bent on either conquest or aggregating dictatorial power over the people, as they destroyed the engine of wealth-creation: capitalism.  Since the mid-19th century and the advent of Marxism/socialism, nearly 200 million people have died in wars and their aftermath, as these philosophies have allowed their potentates to mesmerize and instill false hope in the people,ef thus allowing autocrats to achieve unbridled power.

In the United States today, there are a president and a political party trumpeting these same platitudes and claims of government omniscience.  They know full well that what they are telling the citizenry is an outright lie and impossibility, yet their objective is no different from that of many of the despots of the 20th century: absolute control of not only the purse-strings of government, but also the day-to-day activity of all Americans.

Some in the media, including many conservative pundits, refuse to attribute ulterior motives to America’s first black president, claiming instead that he is just naïve and inexperienced.  It is not naïveté and ignorance that cause Barack Obama to proclaim to the job- and wealth-creators of America, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.”  That somebody else: government.  Only someone steeped in Marxist/socialist philosophy would make such a statement.

Further, Obama’s manner of governance betrays his true motives.  Recently Barack Obama has chosen, on a political whim, to not enforce certain laws such as immigration, voting rights, and welfare reform statutes.  He continues to hypocritically claim that the mandate in ObamaCare is not a tax, as all the lies told to facilitate passage in 2010 have now come to light, including the cost — the estimate of which, once fully implemented, has now tripled — and the number of Americans who will lose their present coverage.

Obama has instructed the EPA to formulate regulations counter to the laws on the books or the will of Congress and the people.  He has charged the NLRB with issuing pro-union regulations specifically not agreed to by Congress and not in effect per current law.  As a political tactic to curtail gun rights in the U.S., his Justice Department was actively engaged in the arming of Mexican drug cartels, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Mexican citizens and two American agents.  He has unilaterally discarded 230 years of tradition and the constitutional provision of the freedom of religion by his health care mandates.  He has made numerous unconstitutional recess appointments.  And he has deliberately set out to permanently splinter American society through fomenting class, race, and religious animosity.

The current scorched earth campaign against Mitt Romney, full of lies and innuendos, is eerily similar to the ruthless tactics espoused by Saul Alinsky.  This strategy was also used in the 2008 primary campaign against Hillary Clinton, as well as in the general election.  Barack Obama is incapable of running an ethical and honorable election, as this same crass methodology has been used in all his campaigns for public office.

When all this is combined with his unconstitutional and unethical actions in office and his radical election tactics, it is clear that Obama is the most dangerous man to ever hold high public office in the history of the nation.  He is no different from the egomaniacs who ran roughshod over the 20th century.  For the American people, there is no more important task between now and November 6, 2012 than making certain that Barack Obama is relegated, fittingly in Leon Trotsky’s words, to “the dustbin of history.”

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