70 Reasons To Mourn For America

By Staff Report | July 4, 2012 | End of the American Dream

Every single year, Americans take the day off on July 4th and they celebrate everything that is good about America.  We tend to be very proud of our achievements and we generally are not shy about talking about them.  For example, today CNN is running a piece entitled “100 great things about America“.  And you know what?  There are a lot of great things about this country.  I am not afraid to say that I love America.  In many ways it has been a great light for the rest of the world since it was founded.  However, things have changed.  The United States has greatly fallen from where it once was.  The truth is that America is rotting and decaying in thousands of different ways.  We need to repent and go back to doing the things that once made this country great.  The road that we are currently on is a path that leads to national suicide.  So to be honest now is not really the time for happy celebrations.  Rather, now is the time for weeping, mourning and deep reflection.  We need to turn from our profligate ways and we need to return to the fundamental principles that the early Americans understood so well.  As a nation we need to look into the mirror and understand just how bad our decline has been.  We are a complete and total mess, and it is time to admit that.

The following are 70 reasons to mourn for America….

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Forget Immigration. It’s Big Government Hispanic Voters Want.

By Tara Servatius  | July 2, 2012 | American Thinker

If we are to believe the polls, Hispanic voters love big government.  Just adore it.  They want more of it.  Lots more.  And they will vote to make that happen.

Pundits are currently tying themselves into knots trying to figure out how the presidential candidates’ positions on immigration will impact their popularity with Hispanic voters.

The answer?  Who cares?  What drives Hispanic voters is simple, and it was captured with shocking clarity by a Pew Hispanic Center poll in April.

A mind-blowing 75 percent of Hispanics tell Pew they want bigger government with more services.  Contrast that with just 41 percent of the American public that says it wants bigger government with more services.  (Some 45 percent of the general American population wants smaller government with fewer services.  For Hispanics, it’s 19 percent.)

This Hispanic love affair with big government isn’t a short-term result of the Great Recession.  It isn’t a temporary product of the first-generation poverty; immigrants, legal or otherwise, have always struggled through in America.  This affection for big government is uniquely cultural for Hispanics, and so strongly embedded that it apparently persists for generations.

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American Muslims Stone Christians [Video]

By Staff Report | June 26, 2012 | The United West

If any normal America can watch this video and NOT be infuriated with the brazen attack by Muslims in the middle of the day, while police stand by and watch, then you no longer deserve to be considered a normal American.

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Obama Immigration Pander Costing Him Support of White Democrats

By Mike Flynn | June 26, 2012 | Breitbart News

PPP, a democrat-leaning polling firm, is out today with a new poll of Ohio, a critical battleground this Fall. The top-line number getting the most attention is Obama’s erosion of support over the past month. A month ago, Obama led Romney by 7. Today’s poll shows the lead has fallen to just 3 and Obama remains below the important 50% threshold. Perhaps more interesting in today’s poll, though, is the sharp drop-off in Obama’s support among white Democrats.

Chuck Woolery: Citizen Exchange Program [Video]

Time for a Military Approach to the Border

By Elise Cooper | April 7, 2012 | American Thinker

The Obama administration claims that the U.S.-Mexican border is more secure today than it has ever been in the last twenty years.  However, this ignores the fact that Mexico has higher levels of violence and that sections of the border are controlled by the drug cartels.  I went to Arizona to view the border with Colonel Martha McSally, who is running for Gabrielle Giffords’s congressional seat, and to talk with ranchers about their border concerns.

There are many types of fences on the border.  In Douglas, Arizona Border Patrol has recently finished building a new 18-foot-high fence.  It covers six miles of border, is made of much tougher steel which is harder to cut, and sinks about six feet into the ground to make it harder to tunnel.  The ranchers are skeptical if this fence will do the job and cite Janet Napolitano’s 2005 statement (when governor) that “[y]ou show me a 50-foot wall and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder.”  Warner and Kelly, whose ranch is close to the border, discouragingly stated, “After this fence was built, the illegal immigrants were coming up and over.  It seems that the cartels will find ways around anything built.”  There is also the fear that a tougher fence could push the smugglers into the rural areas where many of the ranchers reside.

They told American Thinker that the drug cartels use car haulers, ramps that slide cars over, catapults that throw drugs over the fence, and large cranes that have a huge magnet for lifting objects.  In the rural areas there are two types of fences: a Normandy- style and a “post and rail” fence that is approximately five feet high.  The ranchers are skeptical about any barriers that will work, including a double-fence.  A photo shows how easily Colonel McSally was able to get over the barrier.

Rancher Bill noted that those crossing the border are not so much the migrant workers, but instead the criminal element involved in drugs and human smuggling.   Bill and the others would like to see the establishment of a migrant guest worker program.  They feel this would cut down on the traffic of people, and it would ensure that those entering the U.S. illegally are the “true bad guys.”  A former high-ranking Border Patrol (BP) official with knowledge of the Arizona border agrees: “For whatever reason, there is a reduction of those who have come to America to find jobs.  As a result, BP has had more time to focus on the smugglers.”

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